About Us

Top 5 Advantages of aftermarket parts from HTRP Online:

  1. Huge Savings over OE
  2. Our Warranty
  3. Exact Fit
  4. Fast Delivery
  5. Quality Products

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If you have the VIN Number, call us at 844-463-HTRP (4877). We can help you determine the part number.


If you have purchased aftermarket parts before, then you already know the benefits, such as great prices and great quality.

If you are new to aftermarket parts (and to HTRP Online) then welcome and thank you for shopping. Think of aftermarket parts as buying the generic brand when buying medicine. The generic is a lot cheaper in many cases, and it provides the same effect.

Now, here at HTRP Online, we don’t know a lot about medicine, but we do know truck and tractor parts. And with aftermarket parts, you are going to save money, and in many cases, get a better quality product than the original name brand? How can that be you ask? Simple. Two reasons:

  1. The aftermarket products have already fixed problems that may have existed with the original equipment (OE).
  2. The aftermarket manufacturer uses their knowledge of the OE product performance, and many times, make product improvements.

Imagine: with some products, the aftermarket product is better than the original.

Of course, that’s not always the case, but what is ALWAYS the case is this: at HTRP Online, you can be assured of receiving a great quality product at the best possible price – delivered to you in a timely fashion. That’s our guarantee.

Shop all you want, and feel free to call us at 844-463-HTRP (4877) during normal business hours.

Where are you guys located?

In the heart of America! Which happens to be around Kansas City. If you are wondering if that is in Kansas or Missouri, it doesn't matter. There is literally a street named State Line Road that separates the two cities. Also, a statistically insignificant few of us are based in other towns that don't really matter. But don't fret, we have shipping locations located around the country so we can ship stuff pretty fast!

Will I receive customer support like I'm used to?

Sure! We are really trying our best to offer great support. We try to keep it simple; Find the matching OE# and our part number. You see the price and then it's just a few clicks away from arriving at your door. Sometimes, you have done most of the work if you obtained the correct OEM number. If you did, then you don't need our help. Just order the part. If you don't have the OEM part number, then provide the last 6 digits of your VIN to the dealer and ask them for the OEM part number. Once you get the OEM part number then what are you waiting for? Just type that into the search bar, review the part and order the part from us and save some cash! 

If the item doesn't seem to fit, take another look at it. We have actually had a few people try to install something backwards or wrong direction! Hard to believe...but true! So take a really good look at the problem before you think you got the wrong item. Also, we have had a few folks damage the part while trying to install it and then tell us that it arrived that way. That doesn't happen often, but it has happened. Just be sure to inspect the package when you get it. If you see signs of where the shipper tried to use the package as a tire chalk or a brace in the trailer, be sure to refuse it while the driver is still there and then contact us to get another one to you pronto! Now if your wrench slips during installation and a few tubes get broken during installation, that is a bit tougher to get covered by the one year warranty. If you are convinced the item needs to be returned, see our return policy and section. We are humans, mistakes happen once in a great while. Let's work together to get back on the road!